Davest Pay

Davest Pay

DAVEST Mobile Payment enable users mobile fund transfer and money load opportunities. The new platform, which merges financial services with mobile communication, is expected to make everyday transactions much easier both for those who cannot benefit from today’s banking system and for those who are currently active bank customers.

Davest Mobile Payment is a sophisticated and growing domain that compasses a wide range of topics including mobile banking, mobile wallet, money transfer, payments and much more. Davest Mobile Payment make electronic payments without the need for traditional bank branches and have the potential to deliver the required level of proximity and cost efficiency. Thanks to Davest Mobile Payment, a mobile phone itself can be used as an ATM, a POS terminal and an internet banking terminal.

Basic Functions

  • Money Send (From Debit/Credit To Debit/Credit/Unbanked)
  • Mobile Top-up
  • Bill Payment
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Merchant Payment Functions

Application Flow

  • POS
  • ATM
  • Call Center
  • Internet
  • Back Office