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PT. Hensel Davest Indonesia Tbk (HDI) is an IT company focuses on total solution on network payment, ranging from Transaction system from Biller, Switching System And Payment Gateway Transaction.


PT. Hensel Davest Indonesia Tbk, established in 2009, is a leading fintech company specialized in online payment and billing transactions for large organizations in Indonesia.

The Most Trusted Company

The Most Trusted Company In Financial Technology Of The Year 2016

Acknowledged By OJK

Hensel Davest Indonesia is acknowledged by OJK, the Indonesian Authority of Financial Services. The company is also a member of idEA, the Indonesian E-commerce Association.


PT. Hensel Davest Indonesia Tbk offers electronic billing and payment services to businesses and end users in Indonesia. It was one of the first electronic payment providers for prepaid transactions in Indonesia.

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Bank Transfer

We enable merchants and large billers in Indonesia to accept prepaid payments from consumers, which are brought to us by bank transfer

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Electronic Payments

We offer our merchants, large billers the ability to take to accept electronic payments for their products and their services.

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Easy and Simple

We offer clients of these enterprises and more in general the public in Indonesia an easy and simple way to pay without having a bank account.


We authenticate the payments, process them and settle the funds in an efficient and very secure way for all parties


If desired we offer also other services (like support and advanced reporting or analytics) to our clients

What We Do